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  • QUESTION. Are tissue culture plantlets genetically modified?
    ANSWER: No they are not. Tissue culture technique deals with plants up to cell level (cell multiplication), whereas genetically modified deals at gene level. That is why tissue cultured plantlets are "true to type".

  • QUESTION: What are the advantages of Tissue Culture?
    1. Tissue cultured plantlets are true to type and are uniform and are produced in big numbers within a very short time.
    2. Tissue culture technique allows mass production of planting material of those crops whose natural rate of propagation is relatively low.
    3. Tissue cultured plantlets are pathogen and pest-free.
    4. Tissue culture technique allows availability of quality planting material all year round.
    5. Tissue culture derived plantlets have high quality and more vigorous growth.

  • QUESTION: What crops does AGT produce?
    ANSWER: At AGT we currently produce the following crops: banana, coffee, sweet potatoes, pineapple, aloevera, tea.

  • QUESTION: Do tissue cultured plantlets require special treatment on the fields?
    ANSWER: No. Tissue cultured plantlets should be treated as normal but require proper management for maximum yields.
  • QUESTION: How have the local farmers adapted to the new tissue culture technology?
    ANSWER: Tissue culture technology has received good response amongst local farmers in Uganda. AGT has set up several nurseries (sales points) and demonstration gardens in local farming communities where farmers can access the plantlets and are trained about the technology respectively.
  • QUESTION: Are GM crops good?
    ANSWER: GM crops are good and they should be considered by African countries, but they should be evaluated on a one to one basis in order to pick out those which are beneficial to individual countries, ie. Cotton, banana, coffee, etc

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